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Narrabeen Lagoon viewed from the west
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The next Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment forum will be ......

Waterfall in Wheeler Creek
Creeks in the Catchment

7pm Monday Aug 27, 2018
Coastal Environment Centre
Pelican Path, Lake Park Road, North Narrabeen

Presenters:  Speakers from Northern Beaches Council

Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment were invited to inspect the bush regeneration works being undertaken along Middle Creek in 2010.  There is ongoing bush regeneration along the banks of a number of creeks in the catchment. 
Come along and hear about it.

Bush regen inspection
Bush Regeneration inspection
of banks of Middle Creek
South Creek
Bank stabilisation of South Creek being undertaken in 2018
Rocks and webbing being installed, jute matting and planting of natives to follow.

Are you concerned about any of these issues?

Water quality in creeks leading
to Narrabeen Lagoon?
Health of aquatic wildlife?
Creek flooding?
Blockages in creeks?
Erosion of creek banks?
Weeds in riparian zones?
Rubbish in creeks?

This photo shows bank stabilisation works being undertaken along South Creek where erosion behind the neighbouring houses was becoming severe.

The speakers will reference the 2004 Creek Management Study,
outlining the measures taken since then to rectify identified problems.
They will explain the current issues that are being addressed and what the priorities are for the future.

After supper there will be a brief Annual General Meeting of Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment.

Make sure you book a seat for this forum because there are a limited number of places and it promises to be a most informative night.

Bring along any questions you have concerning management of the creeks in the catchment of Narrabeen Lagoon

  Entry free but a donation is requested to cover expenses

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